Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm not an Obama supporter but neither am I an Obama detractor. I figure the man deserves a chance. He inherited a pile of doo the size of Mount Everest from the previous administration and has only a kiddy sand shovel to clean it up with. That pile has been growing for years and he can't reduce it in just a few months. He gets blamed for all the mess of the Bush/Cheney years and is bombarded with lies, lies and more lies. The Repubs are mad because the Democrats got back in power so they want to destroy any possibility that Obama and the Dems might win enough favor to get re-elected next term . The sheeple who tolerated Bush/Cheney's lies and destruction now fall for the manipulative tactics of the Obama haters and rise up in a howling rage.

Sarah Palin loved her little taste of power, has dreams of glory of being the first female president so tries to curry favor with the Repubs, hoping they'll nominate her and give her backing in the 2012 election. She leaped on the destroy-Obama bandwagon and started the Death Panel lies about the Obama Health Care reform: Gonna euthanize Grandma because she costs too much to keep alive. Kill off all the old, handicapped and non-productive members of society. Shows the Repubs she's a Team Player and panders to the megarich Insurance Companies. Gotta keep the super rich happy, you know.

Palin's Death Panels -Unplug Grandma Crap

VA Death Book Lies


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